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Gift Supplying Center Ltd.

H-1095 Budapest, Soroksári St. 115.

Tel.: +36-1-302-2584

Fax.: +36-1-354-1463

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Dear Timi,
First of all I would like to thank you for your conscientious and precise work that I experienced. Now I am sending our order written to you.

Szidónia Tóth, office manager
ACNielsen Ltd.

We've been co-operating with Gift Supplying Center Ltd. for almost two years. Whatever we come up with, they are ready to prepare it. A team of dynamic and flexible workforce who have helped us many times when we were in great need of express work. In exchange for their quality work we vowed loyalty and this way we further enhance our services to a greater publicity.

Ms Eszter Szabó, Brand Marketing, Quality & Service Supervisor

Mercure Budapest


I have known Gift Supplying Center Ltd. for nearly 5 years and the coopertation totally meets my expectations. Their proposals are tailor made and always fit the given situations. Let me congratulate you on it and wish you further success!

Mr Attila Magda, managing director

Hungarian Scientific Association For Transport 


We have been working with Gift Supplying Center Ltd. for one and a half years and we are absolutely satisfied with their product range and the service they have been providing from the very first time. The staff is always helpful, they keep the delivery deadline and they have endless patience. They are a perfect partner in realising concrete ideas as well as giving some. They are a professional team, I can recommend them to anybody.

Mrs Ildikó Dudás, Marketing Manager
Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest


We have been working with Gift Supplying Center Ltd. for more than 6 years. The secret of our successful cooperation is their reliability, creativity, flexibility – that is why they are the number one supplier of marketing material and they keep their position steadily.

Mr László Sánta, Regional Marketing Manager CEE

Our relationship with the company is more than good thanks to the customer-oriented attitude and flexibility of their maximalist colleagues. We are satisfied with Gift Supplying Center Ltd. in all fields; their main advantages are customer-orientation, flexibility, accuracy, a large scale of products, tailor made, creative ideas, and acceptable prices.

Mrs Erika Juhász Somodi, administrator at Promotions
Institute of Isotopes Co., Ltd.



They are quick, accurate, flexible. We have been ordering business gifts, partner gifts for christmass, marketing material from them for some years. What is great in our relationship is that they can supply after the last moments in a professional way at high quality. I can recommend them to anybody.

Mrs Klára Lepp
CEMEX Hungária Ltd.

They realize anything that's possible and they seek resolution for the impossible, too, this is how they provide continuous supply. Can there be more to be desired? Yes, there can be, so they are always striving to be polite, kind and available 24/7 in order to make things work.
Horváth Gabriella, franchise and marketing manager

Ms Gabriella Horváth, franchise and marketing manager

I have always found Gift Supplying Center the most adaptable company I have ever worked with. They always turn “what seems impossible” requests into reality within the requested time period and can deal with the very tight deadlines in a professional manner. They can supply a wide range of promotional merchandise including stationery, party decorations and clothes. I would thoroughly recommend using Gift Supplying Center. Great team, especially Jutka Gábor who could not have been more helpful.

Dorottya Ekler
Ekler és Társai Kft. – HR Consulting

If it exists, we'll find it, if not, we'll have it made!
- this is our speciality.

Ideas »
  • Fan Banner

    Fan Banner

  • Tin Box

    Tin Box

  • Soccer Ball

    Soccer Ball

  • Candy Box

    Candy Box

  • Own Making Teddy Bear Kit

    Own Making Teddy Bear Kit

  • 12 and 24- Hour Wall Clock

    12 and 24- Hour Wall Clock

  • Car Paper Sun Shield

    Car Paper Sun Shield

  • Promotional Corporate Poker Set

    Promotional Corporate Poker Set

  • Nano-pad


  • Merchandised Clothing

    Merchandised Clothing

  • Merchandised USB Drive

    Merchandised USB Drive

  • Umbrella Merchandised On Its Sheer Surface

    Umbrella Merchandised On Its Sheer Surface

  • Trolley Coin Token

    Trolley Coin Token

  • Memo Note Block

    Memo Note Block

  • PVC Bicycle Saddle Cover

    PVC Bicycle Saddle Cover

  • Outdoor Advertising Light Box

    Outdoor Advertising Light Box

  • Magnetic Board

    Magnetic Board

  • Microfiber Wipe

    Microfiber Wipe

  • Women’s Scarf

    Women’s Scarf

  • Printing Work

    Printing Work

  • PVC Key Holder

    PVC Key Holder

  • PVC USB Drive

    PVC USB Drive

  • Pinwheel


  • Silicon Pen

    Silicon Pen

  • Fan Scarves

    Fan Scarves

  • Air Stick

    Air Stick

  • Promotional Gifts From Textile

    Promotional Gifts From Textile

  • Magic Umbrella

    Magic Umbrella

  • Illuminating Poster

    Illuminating Poster

  • Retro- Reflective Item

    Retro- Reflective Item

  • Playing Cards

    Playing Cards

  • Microfiber Monitor Cleaner

    Microfiber Monitor Cleaner

  • Pop Up Super

    Pop Up Super

  • Magnifying Card

    Magnifying Card

  • Greencard


  • Bottle Holder

    Bottle Holder

  • Party Bracelet

    Party Bracelet

  • TableSole


  • Rubik's Cube

    Rubik's Cube

  • Hotel Soap

    Hotel Soap

  • UV Radiation Indicator

    UV Radiation Indicator "Watch"

  • Lunch Box

    Lunch Box

  • Paper Trumpet

    Paper Trumpet

  • Promotion Watch

    Promotion Watch

  • Magic Mug

    Magic Mug

  • Car- Freshener

    Car- Freshener

  • Clipboard


  • Fridge Magnet

    Fridge Magnet

  • Info Pen

    Info Pen

  • Plastic Trolley Coin Replacement

    Plastic Trolley Coin Replacement

  • Paper Binoculars

    Paper Binoculars

  • Static Cling Sunshade

    Static Cling Sunshade

  • Sticky Mobile Phone Screen Cleaner

    Sticky Mobile Phone Screen Cleaner

  • Single Paper Pen Pouch

    Single Paper Pen Pouch

  • Floating Ballpoint Pen

    Floating Ballpoint Pen

  • Model Vehicle

    Model Vehicle

  • Ultra Slim LED Crystal Light Panel With Changeable Print

    Ultra Slim LED Crystal Light Panel With Changeable Print

  • Plexiglass Display

    Plexiglass Display

  • Freshening Wipes

    Freshening Wipes

  • Temporary Tattoos

    Temporary Tattoos

  • Toaster


  • Paper Based Creativ Promo Tools

    Paper Based Creativ Promo Tools

  • PushClean™ Promotional Towelettes

    PushClean™ Promotional Towelettes

  • Earphone Holder

    Earphone Holder

  • Electrostatic Poster

    Electrostatic Poster

  • Pin Badge

    Pin Badge

  • Paper Cap

    Paper Cap

  • Claping Sheet

    Claping Sheet

  • FM Radio And Music Player

    FM Radio And Music Player

  • Cube Note Block

    Cube Note Block

  • Marzipan


  • PP Woven Bag

    PP Woven Bag

  • Textile Tattoo

    Textile Tattoo

  • Wuppie


  • Bikesound


  • Organza bag

    Organza bag

  • Silicone baking mat

    Silicone baking mat

  • Stick-on Fever Thermometer

    Stick-on Fever Thermometer

  • Wine bottle tubes

    Wine bottle tubes

  • Pen with a Personalized Clip

    Pen with a Personalized Clip

  • Selfie RC with Bluetooth

    Selfie RC with Bluetooth

  • Chocolate


  • Tinned food

    Tinned food

  • Lucky wheel

    Lucky wheel

  • Soft toys

    Soft toys

  • Jigsaw puzzle

    Jigsaw puzzle

  • Autoseal water bottle

    Autoseal water bottle

  • Candy in blister

    Candy in blister

  • Tea with ribbon

    Tea with ribbon

  • Compressed t-shirts (and other textiles)

    Compressed t-shirts (and other textiles)

  • Szurkolói banner
  • Fém doboz
  • Foci labda
  • Cukorkás doboz
  • Saját kezűleg megvarrható mackó kit
  • 12 és 24 órás falióra
  • Autós napellenző papírból
  • Cégesített póker szett
  • Csúszásgátló alátét
  • Egyedi ruházat
  • Egyedi USB drive
  • Esernyő teljes felületen nyomva
  • Fém kocsiérme kulcstartó
  • Jegyzettömb
  • PVC kerékpár nyereg huzat
  • Kültéri világító tábla
  • Mágnes tábla
  • Microfiber törlőkendő
  • Női kendő
  • Nyomdai munkák
  • PVC kulcstartó
  • PVC usb drive
  • Szélforgó
  • Szilikon toll
  • Szurkolói sál
  • Tapsrúd
  • Textil alapú reklámajándék
  • Varázs esernyő
  • Világító poszter
  • Fényvisszaverő
  • Játékkártya
  • Microfiber képernyő tisztító
  • Pop up super
  • Nagyító kártya
  • Növény magok
  • Palack tartó
  • Party karkötő
  • Asztali napernyő
  • Rubik kocka
  • Szappan
  • UV sugárzás mérő
  • Uzsonnás doboz
  • Trombita, papír
  • Céges karóra
  • Varázs bögre
  • Autóillatosító
  • Felírótábla
  • Hűtőmágnes
  • Info golyóstoll
  • Műanyag kocsiérme helyettesítő
  • Papír távcső
  • Statikus autós napvédő
  • Mobilképernyő-tisztító
  • Papírtasak golyóstollnak
  • Úszós golyóstoll
  • Gépjármű modell
  • Vékony LED világító tábla cserélhető nyomattal
  • Plexi display
  • Frissítőkendő
  • Tetoválás
  • Kenyérpirító
  • Papír alapú kreatív promóciós eszközök
  • PushClean™ Törlőkendők promóciós célra
  • Fülhallgató tartó
  • Elektrosztatikus plakát
  • Kitűző
  • Napellenző,papír
  • Tapsoló lap
  • FM rádió és zenelejátszó
  • Kockatömb
  • Marcipán
  • Szövött táska, polipropilén
  • Textil tetoválás
  • Wuppie
  • Bringa Box
  • Organza tasak
  • Szilikongyúrólap
  • Lázfigyelő
  • Borosdoboz
  • Golyóstoll egyedi csíptetővel
  • Bluetooth-os szelfikészítő
  • Csokoládé
  • Konzerv
  • Szerencsekerék
  • Játék figurák
  • Puzzle
  • Egykezes kulacs
  • Cukorka bliszterben
  • Teakeverék díszszalaggal
  • Zsugorított póló (és egyéb textilek)